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May. 25th, 2012

I know this is supposed to be an thoughtful journal I can look back on, but I never really have the time or energy to write out all of my feelings. However, for anyone that might still be reading, I thought I'd give some updates on my life. I may revise it with ~introspection~ later on.

I'm graduating high school tonight. I can't believe it. This used to feel so far away and it's actually happening. I got all A's this year, as well as the Spanish I award. So I'm pretty pleased.

I'm 18 and almost 2 months now. Adulthood is here and I'm terrified. I don't feel prepared, honestly. I still have never had a job and just worry all the time about things like student loans and what I'm going to be. I haven't fully decided on what I'll major in at UGA. Some people were surprised by this, but I'm toying with the idea of social work. I want to study something practical, of course, and the thought of helping people, of being invested in a lot of the struggles I myself have gone through with others hit me out of nowhere the other day. And they have an awesome M.A. program that combines it with public health or nonprofit management. I know there's plenty of time, but it is something I need to be thinking about. I will probably minor in Spanish. I like the idea of interpreting or working with immigrant communities.

I'm moving in with my dad this summer in Carrollton. In some ways, I'm thrilled. But I'm also saying goodbye to a lot of people a bit earlier than I would have and it's upsetting. Hannah is going to visit me, but considering my mom is moving to Atlanta, there's no way to really come back to Thomaston to visit people again.

Hopefully, I'm going to try to work this summer. I'm also going to be looking as much as I can for volunteer opportunities. I think it will all be a lot easier in Carrollton.

That's all for now. Things are changing so fast... it's weird because that's all I ever wanted for years, but now it's so frightening. Wish me luck!


College Decision

I've finally made up my mind. I'm going to go to the University of Georgia this fall to study Romance languages and political science. I'm visiting tomorrow. UGA is definitely the best academic option with so many opportunities, and Athens is the perfect college town. While it may be a bit sports-crazy and has a party school reputation, it's also distinguished and has everything I could want or need. I'm really excited. And it's so nice to feel like I have a set future (somewhat) and direction. Now, I only have to make it a few more months here... And unfortunately, I have 9 AP Lit essays to write by then...

Graduation is coming up so fast. May 25! It's really weird that this large, universal chapter of my life is coming to a close. I am REALLY upset that there are many people I'm not going to see all the time after this, and I hope I get to make the most of it. There are many teachers I'm going to miss as well.

I'll be getting the All A's award this year, finally. Plus I'm going to be a Principal's A Graduate. Only slightly less distinguished than Honor Graduate. Not sure if I'm going to prom. I didn't go last year, and I know it's one of those high school things I need to do, but I really just have no interest. We'll see.

Lastly, my 18th birthday is Thursday! I'm going to be an adult! Is this real life? I was totally just 15. Not much is going to change, actually. I wonder if I'll even do anything at all. Hopefully a day trip to Savannah is in the works sometime this week.

Wishing everything is lovely for anyone reading this.
<3 j.
In guitar class, we had an assignment to write and perform a song in front of everyone. It was pretty fun, actually. If you didn't know, my friend Hannah and I are both obsessed with cats and making puns. We combined these fantastic things into a tongue-in-cheek song called "Cattitude." It was actually really catchy. She played guitar ('cause I still suck at it) while I did the ukulele intro and played piano during the chorus. I'm absurdly proud of the lyrics, so here they are:

Cats, cats are really really awesome
One might even say that they are paw-some
Never make you cry or hurt your felines
To all the cats I want to make a beeline

Cats, cats, kitty cats
Cats, cats, pussycats
Cats, cats, all the cats

Loved by all except for those allergic
In a box of cats, they would all emerge sick
A life devoid of cats would be so tragic
Because they fill the world with so much magic


There's a reason they were worshipped by Egyptians
Their greatness just defies all descriptions
Cuddly and adorable are kittens
That is why this purrfect song was written


Also, apparently I am officially a Nerdfighter. DFTBA!

It's been so long! And even longer since I've been in depth. I have a lot to catch up on.

School has been good. My semester grades are all A's for the first time in all of high school. I haven't actually been doing much with other people lately.. and that's kind of okay. I see people in school and college is coming up, so I'll just let my social situation be what it is for the time being.

Speaking of college: I've been accepted to Oglethorpe, Georgia State, and Georgia Southern since my last post. UGA never got around to processing my stuff I guess, and their deadline is next week. I find it hard to care anymore, especially since I missed their scholarship deadline. I can always transfer later if I want to.

And speaking of scholarships! I got a $54,000 one to Berry College (with the possibility for more)!! It's such a shame I don't really want to go there. If I go to some event they invited me to in early February I can compete for more scholarships, and if I get a really good one (because that's only half of tuition and then there's everything else) it'd be hard to turn it down. I also have Scholarship Weekend at Oglethorpe next weekend where I am a bit more invested in getting a good one. I'm actually excited because there a lot of fun events, a seminar (we got to choose our topic; mine will be language), and a fancy banquet.

Decisions, decisions.

For Christmas, I got an awesome laptop. I've never had one, just our horrible prehistoric desktop with dialup Internet at home. So I'm enjoying it. Unfortunately, I have to go to the library to have WiFi then use it like crazy at my dad's house. I also got a ukulele! It's sooo much easier than guitar. That's about it. But I'm grateful.

So, not much else eventful has happened. I need to fill out FAFSA soon and apply for scholarships at GA State, which is the school I'm most likely going to. I've been following the Republican nomination a lot. To be honest, though I consider myself fairly liberal, I really like Jon Huntsman. I know he has no chance, but it'd be nice.

I've been reading a lot of John Green lately. I recently got Netflix, so that's also frequent. Glee is on my mind too much... And I got a haircut!

Hope everyone is doing well. :)
So, in additional college/testing news:

-I made a 29 on my ACT (out of 36)

-I've been accepted to Berry College (I don't particularly want to go there, but it's nice)

-I've removed GA Tech from my possibiltiies and am strongly considering GA Southern U now.

-I'm visiting Oglethorpe on Saturday, and if it weren't so expensive, it'd be my first choice.

Anyway. As for skating, the majority of programs I'm liking so far are from ice dance. I adore the FDs of Virtue/Moir, Cappellini/Lanotte, and Weaver/Poje. I still like Patrick, all the U.S. men (although I forgot to watch Adam's when I had access to a decent computer!), Daisuke, Alissa, and am really enjoying Carolina this season. I hope Ross has a better showing this weekend than last time, because his LP has potential.


SAT Scores!

I got my scores back today.


780 CR
550 Math
720 Writing.

I'm ecstatic. :)

Excited about Skate America tomorrow, go Dornby!


Oct. 13th, 2011

So, Seussical has been.. an experience. The part I got was a Wickersham Brother, which is quite hilarious considering all 3 of us are girls. We're supposed to be a group of mischievous monkeys, which is not totally my thing but I'm trying. I'm in quite a few songs but only have one solo singing part, the opening of a soulful number called, unsurprisingly, "Monkey Around." I can't believe I'm about to be singing in front of people, on stage. I am so nervous. We have 2 weeks until the main performance, but the One Act Play Competition is on Monday and we are not prepared at ALL. People never took rehearsals seriously, and we're still on-book, have no costumes yet, and still have to choreograph a few songs. So it might be some fun adventure trying to figure it out on stage. But it will mostly be terrifying.

I took the SAT a couple of weeks ago and am anxiously awaiting my results next Thursday. I have the ACT on the 22nd. Wish me luck! School has been relatively easy this year, especially compared to the soul-crushing difficulty of junior year. I have all A's (including a 98 in math!!) except for AP Biology, which is 89. I'm having a lot of fun learning Spanish and guitar.

I'm starting my college applications, and it's really stressful. I'm mostly concerned with all the essays and keep putting them off, but I plan to devote the majority of tomorrow to the college I'm applying Early Admission to (Oglethorpe.) I'm applying to 8 colleges, which some people said is a lot, but 3 of them are "safety schools" I'm only going to worry about if I somehow don't get into any of the first 5. In rough order of interest:

University of Georgia
Oglethorpe University
University of North Carolina Asheville
Berry College
Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia State University
Georgia Southern University
Kennesaw State University

I can't wait to get to college, but I'm worried about it, too. The cost and academic expectations are really intimidating. But I'll concern myself with getting in first.

Hope you are all doing well!


En la escuela

I've been back at school for about 2 weeks now and it's going pretty well. It took me until now to realize how awful my classes last year were in terms of people to talk to and the general atmosphere. This year, I'm mostly happy with them all. Senior year! It feels weird.

Math 4- not many people to talk to, but that's probably a good thing since I really need to work on math. I have Mrs. McKinley again (she taught me in 9th grade) and my previous class with her did not go.. swimmingly. But this one looks to be better.

AP Biology- I really like Coach Patterson, and he's a very engaging teacher. EVERYONE is in this class. I'm afraid the material will be really difficult, though. Also, a guy I've liked since basically 8th grade and am quasi-friends with is in there, and I pathetically say hi to him every now and then. But I don't want this to become too much like some high school girl's diary or anything. :P

AP Economics- Coach Elder is... interesting. Once again, everyone is in here. But it kind of frustrates me how slowly this class is going so far. The regular Econ class is already miles ahead of us. But it's fun.

AP Literature- Mrs. Greer is awesome. She's basically the most stylish 40 year old teacher I've ever seen. I also had her in 9th grade. This class is going to be a challenge, but it hasn't been so bad yet. There aren't quite as many of my friends in here.

Spanish I- I've had 3 German classes at the school, but I love language and decided to sign up for this. I don't know ANYONE. And they're all pretty obnoxious. But the new teacher Senora Arroyo is actually a native speaker from Colombia and she is basically Sofia Vergara. She keeps telling me how good I am. It feels nice. This is my lunch period, and no one in my grade is in there since it's during the new "Freshman Lunch." So, I just go to the library or courtyard to read. It's kind of sad.

Film/Video- Not much to say. Lots of friends. I didn't sign up for it, but it's a ridiculously easy and laid-back class with all the drama kids.

Beginning Guitar- I am not good at guitar. Hopefully that will change soon and I won't fail this.

So, something else of note: I audtioned for the fall musical today! We're doing Seussical. I've never really sung seriously in front of anyone but Kirby and Hannah, and I was sooooo nervous. Plus I've only been in one play, and it was an extra role. I think it went well. I sung "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan and people told me I was good. The audition pool was so small I am basically guaranteed a part. I'm really anxious about getting a big one. If it took so much nerve to sing in front of like 8 people, how will I do it in front of an auditorium or the play competition judges? Oh well. I'm proud of myself for going for it.

That's it for now. Hope you're all well. :D


A beautiful, troubled woman and one of my favorite singers. I know people obsess over her personal demons, but I'm confident her incredible musical legacy is going to continue.
So. Stuff that has happened since my last post:

-Had a fun adventure day with Hannah and David which included exploring the creepy old mills and going to Dickey's Peach Farm, where they sell insanely delicious soft-serve peach ice cream.

-Spent a week with my dad and stepbrother where we completed GTA 4. Proud moment.

-Discovered The Decemberists and Beirut are probably my new favorite bands.

-Got 2/3 done with my summer reading, but I still can't bring myself to finish Heart of Darkness. I also have the writing assignments.

-4th of July with Hannah, Tim, Codey, and Macy. Tiny fireworks, awkward tennis, intense dubstep in the car.

-Went to Atlanta to be in the audience for Family Feud. Hilarious, amazing. Bad Chinese food after. Watch out for my awkward face in September with the Ice and Bouley families.

-Harry Potter midnight premiere with Hannah, Alan, and Angel, which also included Part 1. Best cinematic experience of my life. Then Waffle House.

School in a little less than 3 weeks. I don't want this summer to end. :(

Once again, 3 pictures under the cut to anyone vaguely interested.

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Also, thanks to people who actually read some of these posts and comment on them. Even though I barely ever reply, I appreciate it :)